Automation Systems & Enterprise Mobility

Als wereldmarktleider voor Ex-producten was BARTEC in de jaren 90 van de vorige eeuw de eerste firma op de automatiserings markt met barcode handscanners en grafische kleurendisplays voor de explosiegevaarlijke omgeving in Zone 1 en 2. Het huidige portfolio bestaat uit een volledig gamma van Automation Systems en Enterprise Mobility om de behoeften van klanten te vervullen.

Enterprise Mobility

Het leveringsprogramma van de Enterprise Mobility afdeling biedt oplossingen om de behoeften van klanten op het gebied van mobiel werken in Ex omgevingen te vervullen. BARTEC biedt innovatieve mobiele apparaten zoals tablets, mobiele telefoons, camera’s, barcode handscanners, mobiele computers en netwerkcomponenten om mobiele werkers ook in Ex omgevingen efficiënt te laten werken en volledige beschikking over benodigde informatie te geven.

Automation Systems

Naast het Enterprise Mobility pakket biedt BARTEC ook explosieveilige oplossingen voor de meer klassieke automatiseringsbehoefte zoals veldbus technologie met ANTARES en MODEX als ook voor visualisatie door middel van grafische displays, complete computers en remote HMI oplossingen (POLARIS).

BARTEC biedt een complete oplossing die voldoet aan de eisen van de klant met behoefte aan automatisering in explosiegevaarlijke omgevingen.

Agile tablets

Agile tablets

Pixavi Device

Explosieveilige Smartphones en Camera’s


Explosieveilige Touch- en Mobiele Computers en Scanners



Advies / Engineering

Jarenlange ervaring met deze gespecialiseerde producten, garanderen een betrouwbaar en deskundig advies. Veelal wordt onze deskundigheid ingeroepen om in de voorfase van een project reeds mee te denken of de systemen op klantenspecificatie te engineeren. Normaliter kunt u van deze expertise kostenloos gebruik maken.


  • Veld interfacing voor brandstofopslagtanks bij offshore-leveranciers
  • Supervisie en controle op driller controlestations
  • Businfrastructuur op boorplatformen
  • Veld interfacing voor temperatuurregelsystemen bij distillatiekolommen
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) bij reactoren, oplosmiddeldrogers en centrifuges
  • Remote control door een ZeroClient oplossing in de farmacie
  • Procescontrole met het gebruik van een open HMI-oplossing voor software van derden
  • Traditionele KVM-oplossingen voor real-time werking


De explosieveilige producten worden geleverd met een uitgebreide handleiding, een CE verklaring van overeenstemming en een EG-typecertificaat (afgegeven door erkende Notified Bodies zoals DEKRA, PTB, IBExU etc.) volgens richtlijn 94/9/EG.De overige producten gaan vergezeld van een uitvoerige gebruiksaanwijzing en toepassingsvoorbeelden.

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(PDF – 1.02MB – versie 10/2018)

Technische documenten en downloads

Onze Producten

White Papers


Engineering Rugged Industrial Devices to be used in hazardous areas: frequently asked questions

BARTEC has been re-engineering Zebra rugged devices for use in hazardous locations for 25 years, but Ex-safety can still be a puzzling topic for most people working in industries were these areas are commonplace.

– What are hazardous locations and how are they classified?
– What makes a device intrinsically safe?
– What is the value of Ex-certified devices over those made for standard heavy industry sectors?
– What modifications does BARTEC make on Zebra devices to make them suitable for use in hazardous locations?

Find the answer to these questions and more on this FAQ list we put together:

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iot whitepaper

Industrial Internet of Things for hazardous areas: potential for the optimisation of existing plants

Whether oil and gas, chemicals, pharma-ceuticals, mining or food, the develop-ment of an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in combination with algorithms and artificial intelligence, releases an enor-mous optimisation potential – also and especially for existing plants. New business models transform CAP-EX into OPEX and reduce the financial risk. For this, ho-wever, the information chain consisting of individual IIoT modules must not only be stringent, but also secure, scalable and ideally capable of being retrofitted during operation – from sensors and communication infrastructure to cloud analysis and user apps. There are also many success factors to consider at an organisational level.

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Enterprise mobility solutions in potentially explosive atmospheres – applications and requirements

The use of mobile terminal equipment has arrived in the chemicals industry, the oil and gas industry and in other sectors with potentially explosive atmosphere. The benefits are plain to see, yet the selection and implementation process needs to be carefully thought through. What do solutions and applications need to do to economically and sustainably achieve the desired improvements regarding productivity, efficiency and safety?

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Optimising Efficiencies in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical with Mobile Computing & Industrial Scanning

The oil and gas sector puts unique demands on technology. The fact that significant efficiencies can be gained from digitising workflows throughout operations, many facilities have yet to push mobile computing into areas where explosive vapours are present.

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Enterprise mobility meets classic automation: portable HMIs in the process industry

An integrated approach to automation, which must of course include potentially explosive atmospheres, is needed in order to successfully go down the smart factory path. BARTEC offers mobility solutions such as tablet PCs, touch screen computers, scanners and corresponding infrastructure equipment to create a portable form of classic HMI solutions. Manufacturers already supply a range of apps for remote access to control systems and controls. For which application scenarios do portable HMIs make sense, and what benefits can be gained from them?

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Small transmitter, great potential – use of beacons in potentially explosive atmospheres

Beacons transmit small volumes of data with great energy efficiency, can go many years without a battery change and trigger mobile apps for the most diverse applications. When combined with the enterprise mobility solutions from BARTEC, the cost-efficient radio transmitters offer considerable improvement potential in potentially explosive and non-hazardous areas. The spectrum ranges from increa-sed safety, simplified and more transparent maintenance rounds using augmented reality navigation and automa-ted data harvesting, through permanent data capture within the framework of IIoT concepts.

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Case Studies


MC92 in hazardous foods ingredients industry environment

BARTEC has been working successfully with Zebra Technologies for twenty years. Mirko Lampe, Strategic Marketing Manager International – Automation & Enterprise Mobility, BARTEC explains: “We wanted best-in-class scanners, mobile and touch computers for our clients, which is why we have partnered with Zebra Technologies. Many companies working in hazardous environments, where explosions are a constant risk, have traditionally worked with pen and paper, as they thought that was the only really safe way of conducting business. However, we can supply them with exactly the right, intrinsically safe mobile device for their environment, to significantly increase operational efficiency, maximise productivity and ensure accuracy and data visibility, all whilst staying fully secure.”

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ABB and BARTEC revolutionise field device management

ABB has developed the Field Information Manager (FIM) to enable the setting up, programming and commissioning of hundreds of field devices to be simplified. The BARTEC Agile X Tablet PC series with HART add-on module makes the universal software solution available in mobile form from potentially explosive to non-hazardous areas and leads to further efficiency gains.

Millions of different field devices which must be regularly program-med and maintained are installed in the process industry. In view of what can be complex settings options, there is a huge need for standardised field device management, not merely to cover the diverse types of devices and communications protocols, but also to sustainably simplify everyday work in potentially explosive and non-hazardous areas and to release added efficiency potential through enterprise mobility.

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Process remote control with tablet PC and Aprol on LINUX

CHT Germany GmbH combines the multifunctional BARTEC Agile X Tablet PC series with a Linux OS for the mo-bile visualisation and safe control of processes in the Technical Centre and in Production. Further use cases range from decentralised recording of additional pro-cess data to predictive maintenance and Industry 4.0 upgrading of underdeveloped production sites.The globally operating CHT Group, which was founded over 60 years ago, produces around 170,000 t of special chemi-cals a year at 25 locations. The innovative function genera-tors, auxiliary materials and additives improve the quality and functionality of textiles, building materials, paper, paints and coatings, cleaning agents and care products. In the course of internal IIoT projects, the group of companies with head office in Tübingen is also testing the BARTEC explosion protected Agile X Tablet PC series in combination with the process con-trol system on a Linux OS.

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Intelligent and secure process visualisation in potentially explosive atmospheres

Condition-based process management and control through to potentially explosive atmospheres: the Mobile Opera-tions Concept from SIEMENS realises this important Industry 4.0 scenario using the leading tablet PC platform from BARTEC.The reliable process management of process plants is a basic re-quirement for consistent product quality and asset usability. In the course of the digital revolution, SIEMENS gives its customers new ideas, concepts and tools to enable plant units and modules to be monitored remotely and operated conveniently, guaranteeing asset performance. One of these is the Mobile Operations Concept.

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Touch panel improves productivity of existing plants in the chemical industry

The interfaces between human and machine often offer areas for optimization in automated production. In particular, increased efficiency in the operation of plants contributes to an improved overall result in production.
Solutions of mechanical engineering in filtration technology for mechanical process engineering for continuous processes and batch production cover very large application areas in the chemicals industry, pharmaceuticals, food technology and environmental technology. All machines and plants used there excel by high performance and robust design. Visualization solutions with short response times further optimize these complex machines, resulting in an acceleration of the production process.

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